When worlds collide: A funny thing happened on my way to this blog…

Courtesy: The PC Weenies
Courtesy: The PC Weenies
This blog has been silent for over two weeks at a stretch, which is unusual. A few regular readers have enquired as to why.

Well, I’ve been busy on other fronts – some online, others offline. Many years ago, a journalist friend of mine – herself an early adopter of information technologies – cautioned how time-consuming and addictive this medium can be. “Sometimes networking can mean not working,” she said. That’s still true, unless our bread-and-butter is earned entirely online. Conversely, working offline can mean being away from social networking online. You get the idea…

But I digress. The real reason for my not blogging is a lot more interesting – I only wish I could disclose it, but inter-galactic peace depends on my silence. I hope you understand.

This cartoon will give you a hint. ‘When worlds collide’ is one of my favourite phrases, and it seems to be happening to me a little too often. (Disclaimer: I don’t look anything like the blogger in this cartoon.)

The PC Weenies is a popular webcomic with a special focus on technology humour and geek culture, as experienced through the lives of the fictitious Weiner family. The PC Weenies was created and launched on the web in October 1998 by Krishna M. Sadasivam, a former electrical engineer.

Author: Nalaka Gunawardene

A science writer by training, I've worked as a journalist and communication specialist across Asia for 30+ years. During this time, I have variously been a news reporter, feature writer, radio presenter, TV quizmaster, documentary film producer, foreign correspondent and journalist trainer. I continue to juggle some of these roles, while also blogging and tweeting and column writing.

4 thoughts on “When worlds collide: A funny thing happened on my way to this blog…”

  1. Dear Moving Images,

    It was just around the corner… but even the holier than thou Nalaka Gunawardene succumbed to censoring submissions to his own blog, of which, that dared question those (his cronies) who refuse to be answerable to just allegations, and of whom so many of his obsequious fans are blinkered to his possible corrupt behavior, instead, are robotic, guffawing in the wake of his spin. Pass me the bucket.

    Will the real creator of the original Ozzy Ozone please stand up… Because no one else seems to care who you are!


  2. Thomas,

    This blog is moderated and I reserve the right to decide whether or not to publish comments. This policy is clearly mentioned at https://movingimages.wordpress.com/about/

    Over the past year or more, I have indeed published several of your comments, all asking the same question which you repeat here. I’m also curious to know the answer. I have bilaterally also forwarded your query to relevant colleagues at UNEP. Despite promises, there has been no answer. Unlike you, I don’t like to speculate why.

    I’ve done everything within my (limited) power to amplify your question. I’ve been your faithful messenger. Please don’t succumb to the common and unhealthy temptation of shooting the messenger (or ridiculing him) when you don’t like the message delivered or, as in this case, no answer is forthcoming.

    I don’t wish to spend my blog space repeating your same question, often in blog posts quite unrelated to your query. On previous occasions I’ve pointed out ways to hold an inter-governmental body like UNEP accountable (through your home government, which is very likely a member of UNEP). My little blog doesn’t have anything like the kind of power or influence that you seem to think it does!

    Finally, if you know part of the answer to your favourite question and want to share it with the world, I’m willing to publish it in the public interest. As a journalist, I was trained not only to ask the right questions, but also to go in search of answers — even when they are forgotten, suppressed or otherwise obscured. I’m not sure which is the case in Ozzy Ozone, but I can do only so much to help single-issue activists. Those limits have already been exceeded.

  3. Nalaka,

    Are you not, project co-ordinator for the ‘Communication Strategy for Global Compliance with the Montreal Protocol’?
    In the course of your extensive and detailed research for this report, I would be very surprised if you had not learned the artist name/s, of whom designed the Ozzy Ozone character, as commissioned by the Government of Barbados and of which was later adopted/adapted by UNEP.

    In addition, the National Ozone Unit of Barbados, claim that, unnamed staff are the conceivers of Ozzy Ozone.
    You issued a questionaire to all NOU’s in 2001 asking for information regarding their ozone day activities and use of awareness raising material. Results from Barbados?

    Are you not familiar with Multilateral Environment Agreements (MEA’s) one of which refers to the origins of Ozzy Ozone. You will find that the artist name is ommitted, perhaps there is an earlier draft, possibly utilising square brackets (the usage of which is explained in the MEA negotiations handbook)

    Further more, are you not co-founder of TVEAP sister of TVE of which Robert Lamb is founder and is executive producer of the Ozzy Ozone video, not to mention that he is the Head Executive of the above mentioned Communication Report. Within that same report, it is easy to trace the interlinkages between its contributors (individuals and their organisations) and to how the identity of the unnamed artist ought be known.

    These are your close working colleagues. If you say that you do not know the answer to, my not so favourite question, then I will take your word for it. However, Nalaka, it remains then, that you have been duped by your own colleagues. This is more than a single issue. It is a flag on the tip of the thin end of the wedge, that points to possible endemic corruption within UNEP.

    If you choose not to post my contributions, so be it. It is difficult to trust an outlet that censors out what it does not like to hear. I am just a citizen. I am not an expert like you. All i can do is tell it, as i see it. If you do not agree, that is ok.

    Good Luck,

  4. Thomas,
    I have allowed one last comment from you in the spirit of inclusive debate. But it’s clear that you can’t discern facts from conjecture, and you won’t allow facts to get in the way of a good conspiracy theory. You have been badgering me for an answer that I simply don’t have. You have been asking a man living in the Indian Ocean when the answer may well lie in the far-away Caribbean!

    For the record, I want to correct some fallacies in your latest comment:

    1. I was one of 3 authors of the ‘Communication Strategy for Global Compliance with the Montreal Protocol’ commissioned in late 2001 by UNEP as a consultancy. The research and consultative process did not look for, nor find, the creator of Ozzy Ozone. I don’t think the English video was released yet, and there is not a single reference to Ozzy in all 41,339 words of the document, completed in Sep 2002 (I’ve just run a search).

    2. No, I’m not following all the diplomatic intricacies of any of the MEAs, and in fact, stay well clear of the inter-governmental bickering that takes place at MEA-related gatherings. I’ve never been UNEP staff or insider. Occasional consultants don’t have privileged access.

    3. TVEAP is not a ‘sister of TVE’ as you presume. The only thing we share with a UK charity called TVE is our co-founder Robert Lamb, who himself left TVE (UK) in 2003 and has nothing further to do with it. Mr Lamb sits on the Board of TVEAP in his personal capacity; what he does as a television producer through his own company is not linked to this and the two roles are not to be confused. Please update your knowledge at: http://www.tveap.org/?q=node/4

    4. In case you haven’t quite realised it yet, this is my personal blog and not an official one of TVEAP. I choose to showcase TVEAP’s output and experiences from time to time, but if you have any grievances concerning TVEAP, please write officially to contact details provided at:

    Here’s a suggestion: The web allows anyone to become his/her own publisher at no cost, and with limited effort. Why not start your own blog, whose singular purpose would be to uncover the creator of Ozzy Ozone character? You will then be able to post as often as you like, and say whatever you wish to say about individuals and organisations.

    For other readers, the creation that Thomas is obsessed about is a charming cartoon animation called Ozzy Ozone – see: http://www.uneptie.org/ozonaction/information/video/ozzy.htm

    This exchange is now closed. Thank you for your participation. Good luck in your quest for an answer.

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