Malima TV

Nalaka Gunawardene presenting Malima Episode 1 on 12 January 2012

Malima is the Sinhala term for a compass. Malima is also the name of a factual TV series on science, technology innovation that I hosted from January to September 2012 on Rupavahini, Sri Lanka’s national TV channel. I was not involved in selecting the inventions for the show, which was decided by the producer.

The series continues, but after a first Season of 13 episodes, I am no longer hosting it from October 2012. Archived on this page are links to the first 13 episodes. These are archived IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST, and at the request of many inventors who are featured on these shows, to enable their work to be showcased beyond one or two broadcasts.

Any inquiries to be directed to: Suminda Thilakasena, producer of Malima, C/o Rupavahini. Email: malima [at] rupavahini DOT lk

Malima Episode #1 (first broadcast: 12 Jan 2012): Malima – New Directions in Innovation

Malima Episode #2 (first broadcast: 26 Jan 2012): New ideas – from robot arms to simplified traffic lights…

Malima: Episode #3 (first broadcast: 9 Feb 2012): From mopeds to flying machines, chasing dreams…

Malima: Episode #4 (first broadcast: 23 Feb 2012): Of (cashew) nuts and mavericks: Exploring innovation’s many faces

Malima: Episode #5 (first broadcast: 8 March 2012): What nurtures a culture of innovation?

Malima: Episode #6 (first broadcast: 22 March 2012): Inventions to keep elephants at bay and to feed your fish…

Malima: Episode #7 (first broadcast: 10 May 2012): Meet ELCA, Sri Lanka’s own battery-powered electric car!

Malima: Episode #8 (first broadcast: 24 May 2012): Aspiring for better TV viewng and smarter painting

Malima: Episode #9 (first broadcast: 12 July 2012): Innovating solutions for energy crisis

Malima: Episode #10 (first broadcast: 26 July 2012): How to trigger an organic farming revolution…

Malima: Episode #11 (first broadcast: 9 August 2012): : Finding Radius and Finding Way Around in a Computer

Malima: Episode #12 (first broadcast: 23 August 2012): How to keep vaccines safe and electronic devices charged

Malima: Episode #13 (first broadcast: 27 September 2012): Have a good night – and a cool glass of water!

1 November 2013: Malima TV show on innovation wins Sumathi Tele Award

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