Nalaka Gunawardene - photo by Sasha Kralj, Dec 2007
Nalaka Gunawardene - photo by Sasha Kralj, Dec 2007

Hi, my name is Nalaka Gunawardene. This is my personal blog. There is NOTHING OFFICIAL about it, and what I say here does not represent any entity I am associated with.

I work as a freelance science writer and development communication consultant.

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If you wish to get in touch, please send an email to:
nalaka AT

I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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10 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hello Nalaka,

    I just want to let you know that I have been enjoying reading some of your articles, blogs and interviews (particularly the inspirational and visionary Dr Ranil Senanayake). Well done for giving so many key issues great exposure.

    You are such a prolific writer and blogger! How do you find the time to do all this?

    With best wishes,

    1. @Dharshani,

      Thanks for your kind words. Glad to hear you find my writing to be of interest.

      As for how I find the time to do all the writing, the explanations are:
      A. Nalaka writes even in his sleep (or maybe he never sleeps?)
      B. Nalaka found a cheap cloning kit years ago and experimented with it…
      C. Nalaka has access to a time warp that stretches his day into 36 hours when needed
      D. Nalaka holds in captivity an army of little Elves who actually do all the work

      You decide which one sounds more plausible…:)

  2. Dear Nalaka,
    Greetings from Film Southasia!

    We are now calling for entries for the ninth edition of Film Southasia ’13, the festival of Southasian documentaries. The festival will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal from 3-6 October 2013.

    Film Southasia (FSA) is a biennial festival that was set up in 1997 with the goal of popularising the documentary so that it entertains, informs and changes lives. In addition to the festival that takes place in Kathmandu every two years, FSA organizes screenings, discussions and workshops across Southasia to promote Southasian non-fiction within the Subcontinent and around the world. Film Southasia believes that film is a powerful medium that helps to not only in better represent the region internationally, but also contributes immensely in introspection and initiatives to bring change at the local level.

    Entry forms are available on our newly re-energized website:
    For eligibility and all other details, please visit our website

    Submission deadline is 30 June 2013.

    Please send in your film in DVD format, using a reliable courier service, to:

    Film Southasia Secretariat
    GPO Box: 8975 EPC 1516
    Arun Thapa Chowk, Jhamsikhel
    Phone: +977 1 5013501

    FSA 2013 aims to be more inclusive in terms of content but also style. Please share this call for entries with friends and colleagues in your networks. Please let us know if you would like to contribute to the new FSA blog which we hope to keep active leading up to the Festival in October 2013.

    We look forward to your entries and hearing from you with thoughts and suggestions, and seeing you in Kathmandu in October!

    With warm regards,

    Team Film Southasia’ 2013

    GPO Box. 8975 EPC 1516
    Arun Thapa Chowk, Jhamsikhel Lalitpur
    Kathmandu, Nepal

  3. Nalaka,
    I went to the same school as you (I’m fairly sure) . It’s such a relief to see an old boy of that school being a “secular humanist”. I’m sick and tired of the tribalistic religious fanaticism spouted by some. What we need in SL is secularism in a big way. BTW I’m started (again) on Asimov’s Empire books. Looking forward to reading your stuff too. I posted a comment on your Arthur C. C. post . Looking for the title of a book.

  4. Hi Nalaka,

    I read your article under caption “Social media and general election 2015” published in the Daily Mirror of 3rd September. My reply to the question posted “Has E- Democracy arrived in Sri Lanka? ” is : Hopefully YES!

    I too did observe a large number of election related social media activity for thez first time in this year’s Presidential election and saw the trend amplify during the General Elections in August. My observations were solely based on Facebook. I do hope that this trend will continue as I see it there arw several key benefits in this.

    1. Environment is unpolluted. The usage of posters and cutouts and handbills will gradually diminish.

    2. One get the views not only of the contestants but also of neutral people.

    3. Cost effective highly personal interaction is available to the contestants.

    4. This will also give an opportunity to those who are frustrated to welt their anger in a non violent manner without disturbing the peace.

    Personally I think the development of social media in election related matters will assist to reduce violence as people are well informed with timely news and they are exposed to all options and will have a more balanced view rather than being victims of brain washing single ideologies.

    Thanks for penning down your views and observations. Wish you all the best.


    Buddhike Payoe

  5. Dear Nalaka i want to get your support to our Presidential task force on drug prevention in relation to drug prevention activities
    pl contact me Dr samantha
    Director Presidential task force on drug prevention

  6. නාලක ගුණවර්ධන මහතාණෙනි ,

    ඔබේ ලිපි මා කියවන්නේ ඔබ විදුසර පුවත්පතට ලිපි ලියූ කාලයේ පටන් . එදා සිට අද දක්වාම ඔබ අපේ කාලයේ වීරයෙක් . මෙසේ ලියන්නේ ඔබව මුරුංගා අත්තේ තබන්නට නොව ඔබේ දක්ෂතාවයන් අගය කරන්නටයි . වර්තමානයේදී රාවය පුවත්පතේ සිව්මන්සල කොලුගැටයා කියවන්නේත් මහත් ආසාවෙන් . ඔබේ ලිපි ආරම්භයේ සිට අවසානයට ගලා යන සුමට විලාශය නිසා එක හුස්මට කියවන්නට පුළුවන් . ඔබේ වෙබ් අඩවිය දුටු අද මේ සටහන තැබුවේ ඒ නිසයි . ඔබට ජය !.

    අනුරුද්ධ වැලිගමගේ කැනඩාවේ සිට

  7. ස්මාට් නගර ගැන කියද්දි හම්බන්තොට විවේචනය කර ඇත්තේ ඉරිසියාවටද?

  8. Hey Nakala,
    I just wanted you to know that I am thoroughly enjoying your articles on ‘Cinema’. Just have read the one on ”Why do we still go to the movies in the 21st Century?” This article gives an insight into the evolution of cinema and theatres. Thank you.

    Bikram Sikhar Roy

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