Malima: Episode #6: Inventions to keep elephants at bay and to feed your fish…

Malima (New Directions in Innovation) is a Sinhala language TV series on science, technology and innovation, broadcast on Sri Lanka’s Rupavahini TV channel.

Produced by Suminda Thilakasena and hosted by science writer Nalaka Gunawardene, this episode was first broadcast on 22 March 2012. It features three stories:

• An interview with Dr Sarath Wimalasuriya, who has invented a low-cost, portable device that provided electrical pulse to a fence protecting crops from elephants. Called Shock Defender, this 5kg unit can support a fence 1.8km long, typically 50 acres (20.2 hectares). When fully charged, it can work for 48 hrs on battery. The medical doctor turned electronic inventor sells the device at one sixth the price of comparable imported ones.

• South Korean scientists say they have developed flexible memory technology that could support bendable computer platforms for e-books and cell phones.

• An interview with child inventor K K Irushika Teran Suriyakumara, student of St Benedict’s College, Colombo, who has come up with a simple automated device to remotely feed fish in a household fish tank. He has cleverly combined discarded material and a basic mobile phone. Find out how!

Malima: Episode 6 presented by Nalaka Gunawardene from Nalaka Gunawardene on Vimeo.

One Response to “Malima: Episode #6: Inventions to keep elephants at bay and to feed your fish…”

  1. Deepani Jayantha Says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Nalaka. Got to know about the post through Nadee in November 2013. We were in need of erecting a community fence in Hambegamuwa and Dr. Wimalasuriya helped us. Here goes the story and thanks! The farmers are really grateful..

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