Blogging from Resilience 2011: Pathways for Staying Alive in an uncertain world

From 3 to 6 March 2011, I kept blogging from Resilience 2011: Asia Regional Conference on Building Livelihood Resilience in Changing Climate, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Along with a few other participants, I also tweeted from the conference. All our tweets are organised under #Resilience2011

Fred Noronha and I set up a YouTube channel for the conference where we posted short interviews filmed with selected participants. It has close to two dozen short videos, all filmed with a FlipVideo camcorder.

Here are links to all the blog posts I wrote on the conference website (text only as the platform didn’t allow visuals to be displayed easily).

6 March 2011: As the planet warms, we must all become more like bamboo!

6 March 2011: Slow disasters need not apply?

6 March 2011: Go beyond IPCC and SAARC, South Asian climate researchers urged

5 March 2011: Policy challenge to researchers: Summarise, simplify – and talk money!

5 March 2011: Wanted: Better Story Telling!

4 March 2011: ICTs for livelihood resilience: The importance of asking the right questions

4 March 2011: Hash-tagging Resilience2011: Twitter feeds from KL Conference

4 March 2011: Floods not always a disaster. Ask Mekong Delta farmers

3 March 2011: Banging Heads Together (nicely)

3 March 2011: SOS: Small Farmers need urgent help for climate adaptation

3 March 2011: Looking for the Bigger Picture

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