A science journalist among whales…meeting our giant cousins

Last April in Melbourne, I listened avidly to the doyen of Australian science journalists Robyn Williams compare science journalists to whales as he opened the Fifth World Conference of Science Journalists.

As I paraphrased Robyn in my blog post on 18 April 2007:
They both respond to lots of free drinks and eats. In fact, they like to drink vast amounts (though not necessarily the same liquids!). There is evidence to suggest they are both intelligent species. They are both endangered too – there are some nasty people out to get them. Both are free spirits – don’t like being trapped or hounded.

Back in Australia on a short private visit, I finally manged to catch up with these marvelous creatures that I have admired, written and spoken about for a quarter of a century. Today, I went whale watching in Hervey Bay, north of Brisbane in Queensland.

It was an awe inspiring experience. Here are some photographic highlights. I’ll write more about it when I have caught my breath again.

A humpback whale leaps in joy, having sighted me at last:

Is this the world’s largest tail? Oh boy, what a tale to tell!


Who is watching whom? Take a closer look at these strange creatures who come on noisy vessels:


Your mouse-clicks at work: thanks to the steady income from this blog, I’ve got my own yacht at last (just kidding!):


One Response to “A science journalist among whales…meeting our giant cousins”

  1. David Damario Says:

    Whales are the largest and greatest creature ever created. Their beauty and grace for their size is amazing…and always remember…when you watch a whale…he is watching you to. I hope my children’s children get the chance to see a live whale…..
    truly beauty in motion.
    David Damario

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