Grow, grow, grow your reef…

Coral reefs are sometimes called the rainforests of the sea. They are biologically rich and diverse.

But all over the tropical seas, coral reefs are under many pressures – from bad fishing practices to naturally occurring phenomena like the El Nino. Reefs are being damaged and destroyed faster than their natural recovery rate.

Unless a helping hand can be given, many coral reefs would soon be lost forever.

Giving Nature a helping hand is just what a Sri Lankan group of divers have been doing at the Rumassala coral reef on the island’s south coast.

coral-bleaching-a-major-concern.jpg generic6.jpg

TVE Asia Pacific’s international TV series, The Greenbelt Reports, has featured this effort in one episode. Watch it on TVEAP channel on YouTube

Read the story on TVEAP website: Regeneration – a new chance for coral reefs?

Photos courtesy TVE Asia Pacific, from The Greenbelt Reports TV series

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