Beware of ‘Vatican condoms’ – and global warming

See also my 19 July 2007 post: Three Amigos: Funny Condoms on a serious mission

You never know where the next piece of helpful advice can come from.

Here at the Fifth World Conference of Science Journalists, currently underway in Melbourne, we were told to be careful in using Vatican condoms: they have holes in them!

It’s a joke, of course, but the implications of increasing human numbers is no laughing matter. And neither is global warming and resulting climate change — one major topic of discussion at the conference.

Professor Roger V Short, FRS, from the University of Melbourne made a passionate plea for controlling our numbers: “We are the global warmers. And we hold the key to containing and reducing it.”

He was speaking at session on ‘Life and death in 2020: how will science respond?’

Human population has increased at an unprecedented rate. When he was born, the world had a total of 2 billion people, the elderly academic said. Now, the estimate is around 6.7 billion.

By 2050, according to the United Nations, it is set to reach 9 billion. And that with all efforts at family planning.

The United States and Australia are the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Yet, Australia is the only developed country that is encouraging its people to increase the birthrate.

Are we out of our minds, Professor Short wondered.

The message was loud and clear: unless we seriously contain our numbers, we — and our planet — are doomed.

Prof Short recalled how he’d spent a inspiring week with Thailand’s Senator Michai Viravaidya – known as ‘Mr Condom’ in Thailand for his unashamed and long-standing promoting of condom use — to both reduce population growth and to contain the spread of HIV.

john-rennie2.jpg roger-v-short.jpg

Wide use of condoms, and globally adopting a one-child-per-family policy, can give us a chance to arrest run-away global warming, Prof Short suggested.

The world is urgently in need of many more Mr Condoms, it seems.

To illustrate his point, Prof Short took out a T-Shirt saying ‘Stop Global Warming: Use Condoms!‘ and presented it to John Rennie, editor of the Scientific American, who was chairing the session.

The good sport that Rennie was, he immediately donned it.

Read what Christine Scott said about HIV and South Africa during the same session

See also my 19 July 2007 post: Three Amigos: Funny Condoms on a serious mission

3 Responses to “Beware of ‘Vatican condoms’ – and global warming”

  1. Ricci Says:

    Dear activists, by watching the clip from the new film I realise what the true motive for Bush’s and Gates’ billions for funding of abstinence campaigns for Africans. Besides the definition of AIDS is completely different in Africa and the Professor Nancy Padian study proved that HIV was not infectious in her ten year study of 175 discordant couples. Number of seroconverting negative partners was 0.

    AIDS Inc. (Trailer)

    More than 200 million Americans are suffering from some sort of disease or medical condition at a cost of two trillion dollars per year. The conventional medical model shows no hope in curing, and little hope of improving, most of these medical problems. In fact, conventional pharmaceutical approaches to curing disease very often exacerbate the very problems they are supposed to cure, or create other new medical problems that were not there previously. ( more )

    Gary Null has just released this new video called “AIDS INC.” (See trailer above) It reveals footage that has not been seen from around the world, especially in Africa, in his new film. This is the first film on AIDS to bring together the most compelling arguments of dissident scientists, physicians and public health advocates. In AIDS Inc, Dr. Null shows how greed and corruption have prevented any real progress in fighting the epidemic and its underlying causes. The film challenges the notion that AIDS or HIV is an African monkey virus that is spread sexually and can be “treated” with harmful drugs. It considers the common underlying conditions of the epidemic, such as malnutrition, unclean water, poverty, illness such as TB, malaria and dysentery, and poor lifestyle choices.”

    AIDS Inc. Testimonials

    AIDS Inc. Testimonials

    Here are some Testimonials from the premiere at the AMC 24 / Time Square in New York….AIDS HIV AFRICA GARY NULL RETHINKER DISSIDENT TESTIMONIALS
    From: TheGaryNull
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    Added: 3 months ago
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  2. Seer Says:


    Perhaps you misunderstand a few things. Like how biology works. And how everyone from Green Peace to companies with oil interests in Africa are calling Bush’s campaign against HIV/AIDS in Africa an enormous success. HIV transfers through most bodily fluids, like blood and semen. Voodoo witchcraft and the Pope have so far done less then the average man on the street whose taxes have been used to pay for anti-retro viral drugs for the people dying of a disease you seem to be championing.

    I’ll give you an example. Magic Johnson, former NBA superstar. He’s had HIV for years, and has outlived many who have it. A fiercely kept schedule of anti-retro viral drugs has saved his life. If the poor water and poor health conditions in Africa are the only things that are killing the people there, then tell everyone why even Europe and the US, even countries with the best free health care in the world, are suffering from HIV? Health conditions have absolutely nothing to do here except in how long it takes the virus to demolish your immune system, if even that.

    Contact the high school biology teacher you’ve neglected, and read up on some of the basics you’ve missed. There is absolutely no foundation for any of the ridiculous claims you have made, and a single click in Google proves you to be an utter moron. Do you know why we conquered Smallpox, the largest killer disease the world has ever seen, and why it only exists in a few select laboratories now? Because people like you were not allowed to make decisions. This campaign is against a terror that is quickly reaching the same epidemic proportions Smallpox held in the 1920s. Pick up a biology book before its to late.

  3. Nalaka Gunawardene Says:

    This exchange between Ricci and Seer is revealing, and I don’t endorse either side.

    To me, it shows the perils of single-issue advocacy: some of us are so tightly focused on one issue that we passionately and sincerely believe in, that we (often) miss the forest for the trees (tree huggers: that’s a metaphor). One common limitation I have seen among many activists committed to HIV is that they are obsessed with the pandemic to the point where they don’t see the larger socio-economic, cultural and political contexts in which we live in the real world.

    Single-mindedness has some uses, no doubt, but it’s a limited purpose tool.

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