Malima: Episode #3 – From mopeds to flying machines, chasing dreams…

Malima (New Directions in Innovation) is a Sinhala language TV series on science, technology and innovation. This episode was produced and first broadcast by Sri Lanka’s Rupavahini TV channel on 9 February 2012.

Produced by Suminda Thilakasena and hosted by science writer Nalaka Gunawardene, it is a magazine style programme. This episode features:

• An interview with versatile Lankan inventor Niranjan Weerakoon, who has several patents and won many awards. We take a quick look at his motorised bicycle (moped) already on the roads, as well as his coconut plucking machine, research on generating electricity from sea waves, and Lakro – the energy efficient wood stove he has recently introduced to the local market.

• The Wright Brothers were indefatigable inventors. What lessons can today’s inventors learn from their pursuit of building and flying the first successful aircraft in 1903?

• The dance of the dung beetle has long amused insect watchers. Researchers at Lund University in Sweden say the beetles use their circular strut as a corrective navigation system when moving dung balls away from the pile. This could inspire the design of future robots. More at:

• Interview with young inventor Pasindu Paveetha Ranawaka, age 8, a student of Vidyartha College, Kandy. He has invented a battery-operated electric pen that creates unusual lines and shapes. Can anyone become an artist with such a pen in hand? We experiment to find out.

Malima: Episode 3 presented by Nalaka Gunawardene from Nalaka Gunawardene on Vimeo.