Goodbye 2010. Welcome 2011. Hope you treat us better!

Eventually, all New Years go this way! Image from Imperfect Women website

Added on 1 January 2011: New Year 2011 is here: The Future isn’t what it used to be!

In transit are we all,
On this Third Rock from the Sun
Waiting for our onward journeys
From Here to Eternity.

Some of us, the steady types
Stay longer in this transit,
Welcoming dozens of years
As they arrive, endure and depart.

Some leave a mark
In the ‘sands of time’ as they say
Legacies of brick or flesh
Or just fond, loving memories.

But remember this, New Year:
There are a few of us,
Precious few, as it turns out,
Who don’t measure our worth
By the number of years
Whose passage we count.

We add life to years
Not simply years to life.

Read full verse in an earlier blog post, welcoming another year

Seasoned words from another century to herald a New Year…

“Another year grew old and weary
And gave way to one new and young.
Another orbit we’ve completed
Around our local star, the Sun.

We’ve been here before,
And return here we shall.
Dare I say it, among celebrations:
This too shall pass…”

That was part of my own verse with which I wrote the first blog post of 2009. And do it did, just as I predicted — what powers of prescience I possess!

This time around, I stuck to prose writing that I’m slightly better at, and took a wistful and opinionated look back at the year that was.

And I was inspired by these witty and perceptive words from two of the finest wordsmiths of yesteryear, which a dear friend circulated hours before the old year ran out.

After clocking dozens of orbits, these words haven't worn out...