When Worlds Collide #98: Kalpana Sharma: Journalism that Cares

When Worlds Collide, by Nalaka Gunawardene

Text of my ‘When Worlds Collide’ column published in Ceylon Today broadsheet newspaper on 21 February 2014

Kalpana Sharma Kalpana Sharma

Plain good journalism does not need any more labels. Having been associated with the world of public interest journalism for over two decades in one form or another, I can well appreciate this.

As my Indian journalist friend Kalpana Sharma sums up: “Journalists are good or bad, professional or unprofessional. I am not sure if other labels, such as ‘environmental’ or ‘developmental’, ought to be tagged on to journalists.”

The Mumbai-based independent journalist, columnist and media consultant has been saying this for a long while. And in over four decades of full time journalism, she has also ‘walked her talk’ — setting a shining example for journalists everywhere.

In her writing, TV appearances and public speaking, Kalpana stays well within the boundaries of good, old-fashioned journalism based on its A, B…

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