So you think you can be a Hot-shot? Go right ahead…

A few days ago, commenting on cartoons on climate change, I wrote: “So how do we capture climate change’s multiplicity in visual forms? Photographers go for the evidence and authenticity. Film makers work on both current impacts and future scenarios…”

Now here comes a chance for photographers everywhere to bear witness to the climate crisis slowly unfolding all around us.

The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2010 has started an online photo competition called Hot Shots, to bring attention to the effects that climate change is having on people all over the world.

As the website says, “Hot Shots is…designed to create a visual record of these personal impressions by and for people around the world. The focus is not only on spectacular events, but also on climate change from people’s own, personal perspective.”

Send your photos to and show how climate change and global warming are affecting your personal environment. Click here for details on participating and information about prizes.