©limate ©hange or climate change? Copyrights on a warming planet

This is the real question!

This is the real question!

OK, this is hot off my imaginative mind. I was writing an op ed essay today and turning phrases over in my mind when I came up with this…which neatly sums up what I’ve been saying for a while: confronted with the climate crisis, broadcasters and film-makers need to adopt a more liberal approach to copyrights on their creations.

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3 Responses to “©limate ©hange or climate change? Copyrights on a warming planet”

  1. Saskia Says:

    I think there is massive potential for conflict around climate change and intellectual property. With regards to intellectual property more generally, there will be issues around patents along the lines the access to drugs debate. There are already suggestions that governments might need to or should issue compulsory licenses in the name of climate change adaptation and mitigation.
    Optimisation of profit occurs though artificial scarcity and unless IP rights holders are willing to adopt revenue models that allow for the widest possible distribution (and the benefits that arise out of it), I am afraid there will be conflict.
    Climate change is a great business opportunity, but should not be a profit opportunity.
    Your graphic/question is excellent!!

  2. Sandra Says:

    Nalaka: You’re right but naively idealistic to expect big media companies to trade-off part of their profits for the greater good, even if it means planetary survival. Since when did Big Media care about such issues? We have to remember that these are the same companies who made enormous profits by covering tragedies like HIV/AIDS, the Asian Tsunami, Kashmir Earthquake and other disasters. In each situation, they gathered images and information about an unfolding humanitarian tragedy, packaged it as a saleable product and then released with copyrights. Anyone who wanted to use these products have to pay license fees. That’s the name of the game and these companies laugh all their way to the bank. Why do you think they will change now about climate change?

  3. Thomas Says:

    Nalaka, it is a wonderful thing to have a creative mind and then to also share the benefits of ones concepts with others. Original, literary or graphic expressions, I believe, is the basis for Copyright protection. Credit, where credit is due, is a fair and good moto.

    I agree that most artists are willing to share or assign Copyright for the good of the ‘creation’ and for the benefit of its audience. However, and UNfortunately, the practice of UNfair competition by powerful organisations, all too often, rail roads immorally over these fundamental Copyrights. In addition, with impunity! Thus leaving in its wake a disillusioned and barren source of imagination, i.e. – the original creators. This practice is, “Copywrong”!! It incurs untold injury to creators and results in a loss of benefits to society generaly. Trust is difficult to rekindle if extinguished!

    ‘Release the name of, Ozzy Ozone’s original creator’, comes to mind. I made the origanal query into this, and you have attempted to find the clear answer from the UNEP, but without success, – yet.

    The inabillity (or reluctence) of the UNEP to disclose the name of the original creator of Ozzy Ozone is incredible or incompetent at best. Too much time has elapsed since this information was requested. The answer should be available at first hand!
    It begs the question…. ‘Is something “Copywrong”, here?
    The Public deserve and demand the complete truth!

    P.S. Nalaka, thank you for providing the platform of ‘Moving Images, Moving People’ blog , in order that we may be informed of the rights and wrongs of this world! With this knowledge comes responsibility, and then, positive action!


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